Soil, Plants and Planet


Soils, humus and health

(with acknowledgements to Shewell-Cooper)
The health of soils, plants, the planet and its inhabitants.

This website is set up primarily to 'publish' a gardening 'book' which presents a particular approach to growing food crops (vegetables and herbs) which tries to minimise intervention in soil ecology while maintaining yields.

I hope you enjoy reading it and that you would consider attempting to put it into practice.

It is not finished!

Last edited and updated - Jan 2013

It is recommended that you first read the Preface ('Apologia'). This explains the 'Why' of the book and the origins of the method.
The Chapter 'How it can work' refers to aspects of negotiating and getting the best out of the web based format of this book.

However by negotiating the brief 'Contents' at the bottom on each page you can go directly into the subject matter.

Now go on to the Preface

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